Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros Match Player Stats

Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros Match Player Stats

Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros Match Player Stats


The Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros, two powerhouse teams in Major League Baseball, recently faced off in a thrilling match that showcased the exceptional talents of their players. This game gave fans impressive performances from both sides, particularly in hitting and pitching. The Braves, led by standout players like Marcell Ozuna and Austin Riley, faced the Astros’ formidable lineup, including stars such as Yordan Alvarez and Jose Altuve. This article delves into the key player statistics from this exciting matchup, comprehensively analyzing their performances and contributions to the game.


The Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros are two of the top teams in Major League Baseball, showcasing some of the finest talents in the league. Here’s a detailed look at the player stats from their latest matchup.

Braves Key Player Stats:

  1. Marcell Ozuna:

    • Games Played: 84
    • At Bats: 310
    • Runs: 49
    • Hits: 92
    • Home Runs: 21
    • RBIs: 67
    • Average: .297
    • On-Base Percentage (OBP): .380
    • Slugging Percentage (SLG): .558
    • On-Base Plus Slugging (OPS): .938
  2. Matt Olson:

    • Games Played: 84
    • At Bats: 313
    • Runs: 38
    • Hits: 75
    • Home Runs: 12
    • RBIs: 41
    • Average: .240
    • OBP: .318
    • SLG: .422
    • OPS: .740
  3. Austin Riley:

    • Games Played: 71
    • At Bats: 272
    • Runs: 43
    • Hits: 69
    • Home Runs: 10
    • RBIs: 34
    • Average: .254
    • OBP: .326
    • SLG: .434
    • OPS: .760

Astros Key Player Stats:

  1. Yordan Alvarez:

    • Games Played: 83
    • At Bats: 317
    • Runs: 54
    • Hits: 96
    • Home Runs: 19
    • RBIs: 49
    • Average: .303
    • OBP: .380
    • SLG: .555
    • OPS: .935
  2. Kyle Tucker:

    • Games Played: 60
    • At Bats: 214
    • Runs: 42
    • Hits: 57
    • Home Runs: 19
    • RBIs: 40
    • Average: .266
    • OBP: .395
    • SLG: .584
    • OPS: .979
  3. Jose Altuve:

    • Games Played: 84
    • At Bats: 350
    • Runs: 52
    • Hits: 107
    • Home Runs: 13
    • RBIs: 39
    • Average: .306
    • OBP: .354
    • SLG: .466
    • OPS: .820


Q1: Who led the Braves in home runs during the latest match?

  • A1: Marcell Ozuna has led the Braves in home runs with 21 this season.

Q2: What is Yordan Alvarez’s batting average?

  • A2: Yordan Alvarez has a batting average of .303 for the season.

Q3: How many RBIs does Matt Olson have?

  • A3: Matt Olson has recorded 41 RBIs this season.

Q4: Which Astros player has the highest OPS?

  • A4: Kyle Tucker has the highest OPS among Astros players with .979.

Q5: How many games has Jose Altuve played?

  • A5: Jose Altuve has played 84 games this season.

For more detailed statistics and updates, you can visit the MLB Braves Stats and MLB Astros Stats pages.

Q6: What’s the record between the Astros and the Braves?

  • The Houston Astros’ and the Atlanta Braves’ record, including regular-season and playoff games, is 339-402 in favor of the Braves. This means the Astros have won 339 games while the Braves have won 402.

Q7: Who has the most home runs for the Braves?

  • Hank Aaron holds the record for the most career home runs for the Atlanta Braves, with 733 homers. Here is the list of the top home run hitters for the Braves:
  1. Hank Aaron – 733 HR
  2. Eddie Mathews – 493 HR
  3. Chipper Jones – 468 HR
  4. Dale Murphy – 371 HR

Final Thoughts:

The recent clash between the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros was a testament to the high level of talent and competitiveness in Major League Baseball. Both teams demonstrated their strengths and highlighted their key players’ capabilities, making it an engaging and memorable game for fans. The detailed statistics of players like Marcell Ozuna, Matt Olson, Yordan Alvarez, and Kyle Tucker clearly show their impact on the game and their significant contributions throughout the season. As the season progresses, these players will continue to be pivotal in their teams’ pursuits of success. For fans and analysts alike, keeping an eye on these player stats will be essential to understanding the dynamics and outcomes of future games.

By closely monitoring these statistics and performances, enthusiasts can gain deeper insights into the strategies and strengths of both the Braves and the Astros, enhancing their appreciation of the game.
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